The Leaders’ Debates were held this week, which contributed to a rise in activity on Twitter. Party leaders saw a jump in the number of Twitter mentions compared to weeks prior.

624,525 tweets analyzed

toxic icon

107,506 tweets identified as toxic

approximately 1 in 5 tweets were likely to be viewed as insulting, hostile or rude

Of total toxic tweets, 33,029 were identified as likely to include profanities or threatening language

Key Findings


  • Tuesday, September 7 saw the most online toxicity this week, when much was being reported about gravel being thrown at Justin Trudeau at a campaign stop. At 332,371 toxic tweets, this surpassed the previous toxicity record of 223,331 toxic tweets on Saturday, August 28.
  • Justin Trudeau continued to receive the largest number and proportion of toxic tweets of all candidates tracked, with 19% labelled likely to be toxic.
  • Erin O’Toole received more tweets than in previous weeks, but fewer were toxic, with 13% labelled likely to be toxic.
  • Similarly, Jagmeet Singh received significantly more tweets, with 13% labelled likely to be toxic. 
  • During the French Leaders’ Debate on September 8, there was no significant increase in the number of tweets sent.
  • During the English Leaders’ Debate on September 9, 25,219 tweets were sent to tracked candidates, of which 4,097 were labelled toxic.
  • Of the 624,525 tweets analyzed from Sunday, September 5 12:00 ET to Sunday, September 12 11:59 ET:
    • 37,191 were labelled as containing insults
    • 34,589 were labelled as containing threats
    • 19,152 were labelled as containing identity attacks
    • 18,210 were labelled as containing profanity
    • 15,780 were labelled as containing sexually explicit content

Unless otherwise stated, tweets sent from Sunday, September 5 12:00 ET to Sunday, September 12 11:59 ET were analyzed in this week’s report.

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